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Host your own Shlian Mystery Night at your Book Club or Library, or contact us for more info on setting up a virtual evening with the authors or an on-site book signing with the authors to boost store sales or as a fundraiser for your club or local charity.


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Rabbit in the Moon"Rabbit in the Moon" Night

Rabbit in the Moon is perfect for Book Clubs. Its backdrop is the most turbulent seven weeks in modern Chinese history: from the rise of the Student Democracy Movement to its fall at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. The novel's many themes include the question of identity, generational conflict, and issues surrounding aging and longevity.

With its many social, political, and cultural themes, combined with intrigue, romance and mystery, Rabbit in the Moon is an international thriller that could appeal to a large and varied audience.

We will be happy to appear in person by appointment at Book Clubs in Florida or by telephone in any part of the US and Canada.

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1,There are several themes in Rabbit in the Moon. Can you name them? What is the author trying to say? What is the book's overall message?

2. Compare and contrast Lili's cultural upbringing and worldview as an American-born Chinese versus that of Chi-Wen who was born in mainland China. How do these differences influence their reactions to the events in the novel?

3.Think about the emotional and psychological journeys of both of these main characters. How is each different at the end versus the beginning of the story?

4. If you are first-generation American-born, what difficulties if any did you face growing up? Could you relate to Lili's sense of being "different"?

5. Did you feel that using the backdrop of China in 1989 during the rise and fall of the Student Democracy Movement added or detracted from the story? How much did you know about these events prior to reading Rabbit in the Moon?

6. Were you aware of the events surrounding the Cultural Revolution prior to reading the book? How did the Cultural Revolution affect the character of Chi-Wen - especially in terms of how he reacted to the events of 1989?

7. Another theme in the novel is the issue of longevity. Ni-Fu Cheng discovers the secret of shou that will prolong life for perhaps as long as 150 years. At some point in the novel he begins to feel that the world may not be ready for this discovery. Lili argues that you can't stop scientific progress. What do you think? What are the possible positive and negative ramifications of such a breakthrough?

8. After you finish the novel, re-read the first page or two. Then re-read the last page. Can you discover anything interesting or thematic?

9. How did you expect the story to end? Were you satisfied with the ending? How would you re-write the ending to change the book's message?

10. What kind of mood did the book evoke in you? How did the authors achieve this?

11. Think about the writing style. Does it fit a particular genre? (Romance, mystery, thriller, historical novel, etc) Compare this book to the writing styles of other books that you have read.